Materials can be found here

Filters / FM Tile Tools / MuRa's Meister / Alien Skin / Eye Candy 5 Impact / can be found here


Thanks to the creators of the tubes and wordart

Leave the creator’s names and watermarks intact

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 90


Color Palette to use in this lesson

We will begin


1/ In your material Palette your foreground color to #e32800 and background color to black and make a Linear Gradient (with these settings)

2/ Open a Transparent Image of 900 x 550 pixels

Fill with the Gradient you just created

Effects / Edge Effects / Enhance


3/ Layers / New Mask Layer / from Image / aditascreations_mask_12 (with these settings)


Layers / Merge / Merge Group


4/ In your Materials Palette set the background color to #eaeaea

 Layers / New Raster Layer and fill with background color #eaeaea

Effects / Illumination Effects / Sunburst (with these settings)

Effects / Edge Effects / Enhance

5/ Effects / Plugins / FM Tile Tools / Blend Emboss / Intensity at 500 (the rest is good)


In your Layers Palette set the Blend Mode to Exclude and the Opacity to 95


6/ Activate the bottom Layer in your Layers Palette

Selections / Load/Save Selection / Load Selection from disk / selectie_look beyond the horizon (with these settings)


Effects / Plugins / Mura's Meister / Perspective Tiling (with these settings)

Selections / Select None

7/ Activate the top Layer in your Layers Palette


8/ Layers / Merge / Merge All

Edit / Copy (your Image is in the memory)


9/ Image / Add Borders / 50 pixels / symmetric checked and color white

Image / Add Borders / 10 pixels / symmetric checked color black

Select this Border with your Magic Wand

Edit / Paste into Selection (your Image)

Selections / Select None

Effects / 3D Effects / Inner Bevel (with these settings)


10/ Selections / Select All

Selections / Modify / Contract / 65 pixels

Effects / Plugins / Alien Skin / Eye Candy 5 Impact / Gradient Glow (with these settings)

(Use the eyedropper and choose two colors from your Image)


Selections / Select None

11/ Activate / tube MR_Woman fish

Edit / Copy / Paste as a New Layer on your Image

Image / Resize 60% / Resize all Layers not checked

Move to the right (see my example)

Activate Eraser Tool and remove the watermark

Effects / 3D Effects Drop Shadow / Vertical 30 / Horizontal 0 / Opacity 30 / Blur 10 and color black


12/ Activate / MR_Watching (birds)

Select the flying bird with the Freehand Selection Tool

Edit / Copy / Paste as a New Layer on your Image

Image / Mirror and place to the left

In your Layers Palette, set the Blend Mode to Luminance

Add a Drop Shadow (same settings as before)


13/ Activate / wordart

In the Layer Palette select the layer / Look beyond the horizon

Edit / Copy / Paste as a New Layer on your Image

Insert left (see my example)

Effects / 3D Effects / Drop Shadow / Vertical and Horizontal 5 / Opacity 50 / Blur 5 and color black


14/ Layers / New Raster Layer and add your name and or watermark


File / Export / JPEG optimization

This lesson was written by MarinetteDesigns on 17 August 2014


This lesson is finished

 This tutorial is translated and tested by Dennis

Thanks Dennis




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