Supplies can be found here


Filters – Grahics Plus – FM Tile Tools - dsb flux – can be found  here

Sqirlz water reflections you can download it for free


Thanks to the creators of the tubes and mask

Do not change the felenames


Let's start


Open your tubes, mask and font in PSP en minimize them


Put your foreground color to #eadef9 and back ground color to #e24de1

or choose two colors from your chosen tube 


1/ Open a transparent image of  640 x 480 pixels - flood fill with your foreground color #eadef9     

Effects – textuureffects – texture – Gebarsten verf (cracked paint) – with these settings


2/ Layers - new raster layer and flood fill with black color


 3/ Layers  – new mask layer from image – and search the mask NightAngel_Desing2 – with these settings - luminance of source checked - mask data invert checked 

Layers - merge - merge group  

Effects– 3D effects – drop shadow – vertical en horizontal 1, opacity 100, blur 0 and color to black

 Put the opacity of this layer in your layer palette to 75


4/ Copy - rose-reflections1_lizztish – paste as new layer on your image and place it on the bottom left - look at my example on te top of this page

Adjust - hue and saturation - colorize – with these settings

Effects – plug in filters – FM Tile Tools – Blend Emboss – using default settings


5/ Copy - tube-by-stephane-866-24-03-09 – paste as new layer

Image – resize – 70% - DO not check all resize layers

Place at the bottom right


6/  Activate the third layer in your layer palette (mask layer)

Activate your eraser tool and erase all the black of the mask on the flower  and do this also above the eye of the fase tube


7/ Image – add borders – symmetrical checked

1 pixel - color black

1 pixel -  foreground color #eadef9 

1pixel – color black


8/  Make a gradient with  foreground and background colors  - lineair - angle 45 - repeats 0 - and invert checked

Image  – add borders – symmetrical checked

20 pixels - foreground color #eadef9

Select this border with your magic wand and flood fill with the gradient

Effects– plug in filters – Grahics Plus – Cross Shadow – default setting

Effects– plug in filters – dsb flux – Linear Transmission – with these settings

Effects – edge effects - enhance


9/ Selections - invert

Effects– 3D effects– drop shadow – vertical en horizontal 3, opacity 50, blur 4 color black

Repeat this drop shadow but now with vertical and horizontal -3

Selections - select none


10/ Image – add borders – symmetrical checked

1 pixel - color black

1 pixel -  foreground color #eadef9 

1pixel – color black


11/ Activate the preset shape tool –  oval - with these settings

Switch the colors in the material palette and close the background color

Draw a circle on the vase – see example

You can still stretch a bit from left to right or from top to bottom



12/ Re-open your back ground color

 Activate your text tool and take a nice font or the font that I use – Kristen ITC – size +- 36 – make as vector

Start in the middle of the circle on the line , then you get this sign type Reflection


Layers - invert to raster layer

Effects – 3D effects – drop shadow – vertical –10, horizontal 0, opacity 50, blur4 and color black


14/ Remove the layer in your layer palette with the circle on  (preset shape) 


15/ Add your watermark


16/ Layers - merge - merge all


File - save as jpeg -  name it reflection and turn it into a folder

where you can find it quickly



Open Sqirlz Water Reflections


1/Click on the green folder and find your saved work reflection

2/ Click on this icon and select underneath the flower - see my example



3/ Click on the Customize Basic Ripples 

with these settings 



4/ Click on the yellow arrow - then you will see the reflection   


Click on  GIF (save animatieon as gif ) and your work will be saved



This tut is done

Have fun creating it



Written on june 7 , 2009