Thanks to Dennis for his cooperation in translating and testing of this tutorial


Materials you will find here

Filters – FM Tile Tools / Graphics Plus / available here

Wordart / In your worst nightmare / here


The Texture / Corel_15_012 is standard in PSP X4 but I still attached it to the Materials and you can place in your PSP file folder Textures if needed.

Place the “bat 2012” in a folder where you can find it quickly.


Thanks to the creators of the tubes

Leave names and watermarks intact from their creators



Here we go

Open your Materials in PSP and minimize them

In your Materials Palette set your Foreground color to #61737d and Background color to black

Open hot Masks / vaybs Mask hw 06 / in the PSP

1/ Open a New Black Image of 800 x 500 pixels

2 / Layers / New Mask Layer from Image / Vaybs Mask hw 06 / with these settings

Layers / Merge / Merge Group


3/ Image / Canvas Size / with these settings


5/ Layers / New Raster Layer and Flood Fill with your Foreground color

Effects / Texture Effects / Texture Corel_15_012 / with these settings

Effects / Plugins / Graphics Plus / Cross Shadow (default settings)


Layers / Arrange / Send to Bottom


6/ Activate the top Layer in your Layer Palette and move the Mask down a little


7/ Activate and Copy / 12283242541_halloween_nikita (clouds) / Paste as New Layer on your Image

Place Top Left

Duplicate this Layer in your Layer Palette 2x

Move next to each other

Upper Layer is active

Image / Flip and reinsert right next to the other clouds

Layers / Merge / Merge Down and do this1x

Effects / Plugins / FM Tile Tools / Blend Emboss / with these settings

Layers / Arrange / Move Down


8/ Image / Add Borders / Symmetric checked / 10 pixels / color Black

15 pixels / Foreground color

Select the 15 pixel Border with the Magic Wand

Effects / Texture Effects / Texture Corel_15_012 / same settings only change size to 30%

Effects / 3D Effects / Inner Bevel / with these settings

Selections / Select None

9/ Activate FOG-HAUNTED HOUSE MDZ / Copy & paste as a new layer on your image


Image / Resize 43% / Resize all layers not checked

Place inside the Rectangle of the Mask on the Left Side (see my example)


Duplicate this layer in your layers palette / Move against the right side of the Rectangle


Layers / Arrange / Move Down


10/ Activate the top Layer in your Layers Palette

Activate and Copy / 1228507092_halloween_nikita / Paste as New Layer on your Image

Image / Resize 80% / Resize all Layers not checked / Place on the right side in the Rectangle

Set the Opacity of this Layer to 50


11/ Activate and Copy / BiReaper14 / Paste as New Layer on your Image / Move Top Center (see my example)

Effects / 3D Effects / Drop Shadow / Vertical and Horizontal with these settings

12/ Activate and Copy / Crow / Paste as New Layer on your Image

Image / Resize 50% / Resize all Layers not checked / Move to the Top Left (see my example)

Effects / 3D Effects / Drop Shadow / Vertical -10 / Horizontal 10 / Opacity 40 / Blur 5 and color black


13/ Activate and Copy / Spinne / Paste as New Layer on your Image

Image / Mirror / position right above the web add a Drop Shadow / same settings as before


14 / Activate and Copy / Wordart_In your worst nightmare_MarinetteP_2012 / Paste as New Layer on your Image

Move Down (see my example)


15/ Place your Name and or Watermark


16/ Layers / Merge / Merge all Layers


17/ Edit / Copy


18/ Open Animation Shop

Edit / Paste as New Animation


19/ File / Open / and locate / vleermuis2012

Edit / select all

It has 43 frames


20/ Activate your created image

Click to Copy and Paste after current frame and do this 42x so you have 43 frames 

Edit / Select All


21/ Activate the first frame of the bat and place it on the first frame / see example / your created Image


Animation / Frame Properties / 10


Save file as Gif.


This lesson is finished


This is a self/written and designed lesson from MarinetteDesigns

Written on October 20, 2012


© MarinetteP